Microsoft issues takedown notices for leaked Xbox 720 doc

Earlier this week I posted about an allegedly leaked 56 page document outlying Microsoft's Xbox 720 strategy. At the time I questioned whether or not the file was legit. The $299 price mentioned in it, plus the use of the gamer-assigned (I'd assumed) name Xbox 720 had me thinking it might be an elaborate hoax, but then the file was removed from Scribd at the request of a legal firm retained by Microsoft. At that point I was definitely on the fence.

Now we've seen more behavior that suggests the document was legitimate. According to The Verge, sites that were still hosting the document may be getting takedown notices from Microsoft requesting that it either be removed or made inaccessible. But it's not only websites; apparently Dropbox was asked to block public share links to the document.

Gaming blog Kotaku says its sources indicate that the document doesn't include "all the important parts of Microsoft's strategy for its next console" but as Kotaku points out, that isn't a huge surprise given the document was apparently created in 2010.

All this attention from Microsoft seems to be lending the document an air of legitimacy. In case you missed it when the file when it was available, I'll send you back to Kotaku for a pretty in-depth overview of what was in it.

It seems pretty clear to me that there's a segment of the gaming audience that is ready for new console hardware and the industry seems in dire need of something to shake it up. If Microsoft manages to deliver everything they listed in the leaked document and can deliver it at $299, it ought to inject some real excitement into the gaming world.

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