Windows 8 will have 3D maps, cost tablet makers $85?

What kinds of rumors are still around after Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference sweeps through, sets the most popular of them alight, and then sells out of everything it’s selling?. Less hardware, more strategy, and way more Android. Here’s four of the most interesting, or at least the boldest, of the rumors blooming in the aftermath.

Windows 8 on tablets will cost makers (and, therefore, you) $85

Source: VR-Zone, based on “meetings with multiple vendors on the Computex Taipei.”

Details: Windows wants vendors to pay them $85 for every copy of Windows RT (Windows 8 in ARM-based, tablet-focused mode), despite rumors that they were lowering to $35. That’s also despite competition from Android, which is, well, free.

Likelihood: That Windows tablets, at least at first, will come in at $550-$900, which puts them usually over the price of the most directly relational iPad? Pretty high, since even Android tablets arrived at that price point.

Get excited?: Only if you own Apple stock.

Nokia Maps replaces Bing Maps in Windows Phone 8

Source: WPCentral, inside a longer story about how Apple “strikes out with iOS 6,” without particular sourcing.

Details: Nokia Maps, which features 3D modeling and first-party directions and traffic information, replaces Bing Maps in all phone-based versions of Windows 8.

Likelihood: I mean, this is part of why Microsoft “allied” with Nokia, right? If Nokia Maps really has 3D modeling, it’s almost a certainty that Microsoft will go with it, around 90 percent, perhaps. And if they stick with Bing Maps, knowing this, I’d be a little (more) sad for the future of Windows Phone.

Get excited?: Mapping is suddenly a hot market, and directions are getting better with every release. A future version of myself that’s on time for an important meeting is very excited.

Droid RAZR HD with 13 megapixel camera exists

Source: Droid Life

Details: The highly anticipated almost-too-thin phone with a supposedly scarily good camera has uploaded shots to Picasa’s Web Albums site, possibly through the automatic Google+ Instant Upload feature. The EXIF data from the photos looks to give away the phone’s existence, or at least test models.

Likelihood: 95 percent, given the general nature of Android/Google secrecy and security (that is, best efforts are made, but nobody’s truly afraid to leak/let loose)

Get excited?: Megapixels are not a quality measure. But if you like the RAZR Android lineup, then this next release is intriguing.

The major WWDC rumors for 2012, listed and scored

Link: via CNET News.

Get excited?: It’s a pretty good review of all the big themes that speculators were saddling onto Apple before the big show Monday: Retina display Macs, too-cheap MacBook Airs, Apple TV development kits (spoiler: nope), and other popular rumors. Take a gander.

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