New 'Internet Explorer 7 Tax' charged by Kogan in Australia


If you use IE7, online retailer Kogan says you should pay an extra 6.8 percent tax for support costs.

Ruslan Kogan manufactures and retails consumer electronics in Australia, and should hit $100 million in revenue this year. The wealthiest self-made Australian under 30, Kogan has no qualms about speaking plainly, and says supporting IE7 is "not only costing us a huge amount, it's affecting any business with an online presence."

To avoid the 6.8 percent tax on Kogan purchase (0.1 percent for each month IE7 has been on the market), Kogan suggests, and enables, a browser upgrade. His idea is simple: those who cause him extra effort to support their old browser should pay for their reluctance to upgrade.

Good on ya, mate

web developers everywhere salute you, good sirs.

Aegis on

Maybe he can add IE8 and IE9 to that list too. Developing for any version of IE is a pain.

Hong Li on

Hahaha, you guys have to release some statistics in the future on how many people persisted with IE7 and paid the tax.

SeanSlater on

I actually liked what he has done. Imagine the kind of publicity he got with this!!!

Vikram Sharma on

There are issues

A while back, a large online retailer I worked with had IE6 as 6% of traffic, but less than 0.2% of sales. It literally cost more in developer time to fix IE bugs than those customers were worth.

GregOnline on

IE9/10 fan here, one more reason i'm not buying from dodgy kogan, won't even provide a link for latest IE browser

joep on

Dear IT department, I demand that you upgrade our browsers so that I can go shopping online when I’m supposed to be working.

Tony on

IE7 gets a tax. IE6 gets an assassination!

Alan on


Well, I think this is just plain rude! HTML was designed as a mechanism through which everybody could view information on the web - regardless of platform or browser.

An old fashioned web developer on

Seems a bit childish. Just don't support IE7 and you can upset customers without sounding belligerent.

Kris Boonefaes on

is this some kinda “marketing” promotion from kogan for a little bit of nerdy shock and awe?

simon on

Do you still use IE7? If so, tell us why in a comment. Or pay a tax.

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