Rockstar quarantines Max Payne 3 multiplayer cheaters

Credit: flickr/skipgo shannon

Players who have hacked Max Payne 3 to give themselves advantages like unlimited adrenaline and invincibility will only be able to play other cheaters.

That's the word directly from Rockstar Newsire yesterday, as the company announced a "cheater's pool" section where game hackers will be sent. Players are asked to narc on each other by sending suspicions about cheaters to a special email address. Their goal? Keep the game "on the up-and-up."

But as Ars Technica reports, cheaters may come to prefer this special world, where hacking becomes a part of the game like fighting and shooting. Analogy: a separate baseball league for all the players using steroids. The goal is to keep artificially advanced players from ruining the gaming experience for the majority of the players who are killing each other honestly.

Clever move

I don't play multiplayer, but this is so hilariously evil.

AboyandHisX on

Brilliant! Make the cheaters cheat themselves. I tip my hat to you Rockstar.

robotdickens on

this should be mandatory for all multiplayer games going forward.

Torrijos on

About time, i'm sure that everyone better than me hacks... that's about 60% of the players ¬.¬

Cruddi on

this is probably one of my favorite advancements in online multiplayer ever. thank you.

dauntedhades on

Expand this idea

You should apply the cheater-pool thing to GTA Too

Hraptor on

I hope all companies looking at online-all-the-time games in the future remember this. We payed for the game, less us mess with it.

Happysin on


I dont think I have come across any cheaters but I have had people rage towards me and call me a cheater :D

MessyMurdur on

I think ultimately, the hacker type crowd will prefer to be placed here to see who can subvert the game best. I'm sure the other pool will be considered 'noobs'.

snapperdragon on

The best way to handle cheaters is to remove them completely. Ban their account forever and not exceptions. You cheat, you're gone.

Travia220 on

Do you hack multiplayer games? If so, do you feel this is a punishment or a great new feature?

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