AT&T predicts secure world with brainwave authentication, augmented reality glasses

Company honors "You Will" commercials by making a modern one around security

If you were around in the early '90s, you might remember a series of commercials that AT&T did telling the world about future technologies that eventually did come around (such as on-demand video programming, sending a "fax" from the beach, videoconferencing, etc.) with the tag line "You Will." I remember a lot of those commercials, and have highlighted several of them on this blog.

The company today has posted a new "You Will" video, sort of an homage to those ads but also showcasing computer security technologies that will keep us more secure in "the future", including logging in to our smartphones via brainwaves, keeping medical data secure through special augmented reality eyeglasses, and a "hyper-intelligent threat mitigation system" that detects and eliminates viruses/malwares almost instantaneously. Take a look:

The video was originally shown during this month's AT&T Cyber Security Conference, and the company says it's "not meant to be representative of any planned or upcoming AT&T products."

Out of the three items presented, the first two seem the "coolest", although the third system would likely be the most impressive if it came to pass.

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