Linus Torvalds shames NVIDIA about their lack of Linux support

During a recent speech at Aalto University in Finland, Torvalds publicly and clearly shames NVIDIA for their refusal to work with Linux.

After a question from a young woman and her troubles with an NVIDIA Optimus laptop, Linux Torvalds said NVIDIA was the "single worst company we've ever dealt with," then gave the finger at about the 49:30 point. He did go on to point out that some companies don't do much for Linux, but that many other companies have been supporting them from early on. "That's life," he says, before making a joke.

NVIDIA does have a Linux drivers page, so they are making some effort to accommodate Linux users. But the graphic chip company will not release an Open Source driver because they are afraid it will expose proprietary company information. That is their right, as it is Torvald's right to cause a scene to push them to be more open.

Shame on NVIDIA

What intellectual property do you expect to be in a driver anyway?

DrXym on

Nvidia is a nasty company. That's why I rather go AMD.

Spedez on

The key point you’re missing here is that they don’t have to create the software – they just have to let developers see the hardware specs! The community will do the rest.

aclick on

Shame on Linus

Mr. Torvald's reaction doesn't seem very professional.

Andrew Stephan on

While I can understand his disappointment, open dissing and throwing middle fingers just lowers Linux's cause in this area. Linus should get off the high horse.

poisonborz on

Bit harsh, Linus.

tomslominski on

It's business

I'd like to see better Linux support from all companies but at the same time I understand why the priorities are the way they are.

Javier on

You'd be surprised how much rendering stuff works on Linux servers, apparently. There's a lot of profit there.

jaduncan on

Stop thinking of Linux as a desktop OS. Try Android devices, and thousands of other embedded devices you use daily. Linux has a huge marketshare

devwild on

The entire video is well worth watching, even though all the headlines are about the FU to NVIDIA. Hmm, could this be partially about publicity?

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