BufferBox trying to disrupt package delivery, beat Amazon Locker

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Virtual shopping often comes to a bad end with mis-delivered or stolen packages. BufferBox hopes to beat Amazon Locker as your ecommerce endpoint.

Started by three University of Waterloo engineering students, BufferBox works with shippers to accept packages, and sends a PIN to the customer. Using the PIN, the customer retrieves the package at no cost, if the retailer is a BufferBox partner. If not, there's a $3 fee.

Amazon's Locker service, initially unknown to the BufferBox founders, only works with Amazon shipments. BufferBox works with “the other scattered 70 percent” (TechCrunch) of ecommerce sites that can't justify their own locker-type service. BufferBox is now in Union Station in Toronto, and plans to open another 100 locations around Toronto before expanding to the U.S.


Can't wait to see this in NYC!

Philip Camilleri on techcrunch.com

DHL has been offering something like this (called a “Packstation”) in Germany for several years now. It has the added benefit that you are not tied to Amazon for your ordering although you do need to make sure that the vendor delivers via DHL (many do).

Eike on wsj.com

The second this shows up in Boston, I can personally guarantee half a dozen users without even bothering to survey. My building has a huge stolen package problem, due to the front door facing a main road, and the UPS driver for our area being an idiot.

amalcon on news.ycombinator.com


A hardware product with a near-universal value proposition, traction, and a killer team. Can I invest yet? I'm smart money, I promise!

Gareth MacLeod on techcrunch.com

Now, as the “small guy” you have to find your competitie adantage…this writer would say you could do very well in soliciting pick-up locations in those retail outlets that it would seem Amazon is taking business from…that outlet certainly doesn’t want the Amazon name in their outlet.

Pizzadore on wsj.com

Products solving specific pain points: Bring them on

ColinHayhurst on news.ycombinator.com

Just a sec …

My one question... what happens if the parcel doesnt fit into the locker?

Mindy Frazer on techcrunch.com

This Canadian company did not have the idea first. Go back 10 years ago and there were several companies in this exact space. Look up products and companies like zBox,MentalPhysics, ShopperBox, and Brivo. FedEx themselves had automated storage lockers 10 years ago in Jewel Foodstores in Chicago that were identical to the Amazon solution.

C. Monroe on wsj.com

On top of that, for 99% of Americans, having your package dropped off at your door is just fine. Nobody is going to take it. And if you're that paranoid, just have it delivered to your neighbor or to your office.

maratd on news.ycombinator.com

If you had a BufferBox nearby, how often would you use it?

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