Grid, spreadsheet rework for tablets, goes beta

Credit: flick/M_Sharab

Binary Thumb releases GRID beta for tablets and smartphones, including new Maestro gesture tool.

Josh Leong left Microsoft where he helped design Excel 2013 to start Binary Thumb and reinvent the spreadsheet for the world of tablets (TechCrunch). A video describes how GRID Meastro differs from a regular spreadsheet. One difference? GRID can't actually do numeric calculations on spreadsheet contents (yet), but it can embed images and videos.

Of course, huge numbers of people use spreadsheets for the "wrong" reasons, from to-do lists to project planning to time tracking. Excel is overkill for those people, and focusing on tablets might make GRID the go-to for non-calculating spreadsheet uses. And Maestro, the swipe-right to input and swipe-left to modify cell contents tool, may be a big addition to mobile device gestures.

GRID by Binary Thumb from Josh Leong on Vimeo.


I've been waiting for something like this for my iPad.

Robert Scoble on

Grid looks like very original thinking

jasonfried on

As someone that uses spreadsheets more than I'd like, I've got to give props to anyone trying to rethink how they work

jwhdavison on

Not a spreadsheet

Doesn't this preclude Grid from being a spreadsheet app?

atacrawl on

Um...looks nice. But I don't get it. This seems like a fantasy of data entry, masquerading as a product.

Greg Maletic on

'Whiteboard', 'Slideshow', and 'Scrapbooking' are all terms that seem to better represent the (current) intended use case.

johnrob on

Beta for a reason

the founders don't pretend that Grid has a reinvented spreadsheet ready to go. They have an interesting proof of concept that they intend to enhance until it reinvents the spreadsheet.

brlewis on

This looks pretty interesting, though the use cases seem a bit unclear

nlevin on

This video is fantastic, but what shows is currently purely a layout app (hence the grid nomenclature) - frankly - it is a visual Workflowy.

samstave on

Two questions: Does this look cool? Second, is it a spreadsheet if it doesn't do calculations?

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