Microsoft demos Windows RT build 8432

Just a quick note here from the Windows 8 reviewers workshop

Microsoft just showed off some of the business cases for both Windows 8 (x86) and Windows RT for low-power and super-slim ARM devices. To demonstrate how even Windows RT is suited for enterprise use, they "streamed" a remote x86 application via the updated RemoteApp feature baked into Windows Server 2012.

We saw Windows RT Build 8432 on stage (remember, the Release Preview was at build 8400) which already included the new and flat Metrofication of the Aero interface:


The transparency we've all gotten used to in Windows Vista and Windows 7 is gone. Only the taskbar is see-through.

What struck me with this new UI change is that, as with all the Metro apps, the focus is on the content. Instead of being distracted by the Windows borders, the content you're looking at is clearly pushed towards you.

It looks kind of old school and a bit depressing, but the approach and effect is interesting. How do you like the new theme? Let us know!

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