cuts log retention time to block piracy shakedowns

Dane Jasper, CEO of tiny, believes copyright lawyers are using "embarrassment for gain" so he deletes log files after 14 days.

Last fall, Jasper and made news when they battled the Department of Justice over the data of privacy activist Jacob Apelbaum. In a Forbes interview, Jasper said he noticed porn studios accusing users of illegally downloading movies with obvious porn names, and 30 percent would pay up without a fight, compared to about five percent when a typical Hollywood movie was involved. Hence, "embarrassment for gain."

Since the demands couldn't be sure the actual user downloaded a file illegally, because of wireless freeloading, roommates, or guests, Jasper thought that unfair. To protect his users from such tactics, he checked his technical needs for user log files, and found a day or two was all he needed. Legal papers tend to come 30 or more days after an event, so now deletes user log files in 14 days.

Good for

Them's my boys! Happy customer for over 10 years.

EH on

I applaud Mr. Jasper’s example and we can only hope other ISPs follow it.

Bill Bullock on

Risky business

And countdown to congress being lobbied to pass a law to force retention of logs for more than two weeks..?

Alden Bates on

It's worth noting that due to the PATRIOT Act, they do not delete your logs after 2 weeks if they receive a NSL. NSLs include a gag order, so you will never know if they stop deleting your logs.

lawnchair_larry on

The 'embarassment for gain' scam mentioned here is largely the same one that was suggested in te film 'Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels'. Who'd have thought someone would actually turn it into a 'legitimate' business model...!?

TheBehinder on

Logging business

Several search engine companies are promoting their non-logging policy. DuckDuckGo, for instance.

Tim May on

14 days? Why so much? Just log the important stuff and dump everything else from the get-go.

awjt on

There's a law in European Union requiring us to keep logs between 6 months and 2 years. Oh, and there are countries like Poland, whose government asked to prolong that time, as 2 years is not enough (thankfully that was rejected).

lrem on

Beware that will ONLY with with those using dymamic IPs. If you are using a static IP, they can still get you, becsuse your IP address never changes.

chilly8 on

Jasper says all Internet Service Providers should delete logs after two weeks. Do you agree, or does law enforcement deserve more time?

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