Avoid resentment to prevent burnout says Marissa Mayer of Google

Credit: REUTERS/Robert Galbraith

Mayer, Google employee #20, used to work 130 out of 168 hours per week. Lately she's been giving advice on avoiding burnout.

During an interview at New York's 92Y, Mayer explained that for her, "Burnout is about resentment." Startup employees spend enormous amounts of time at work, giving up many parts of their lives. But knowing which part you need to keep to re-energize yourself makes all the difference.

Mayer calls this finding your rhythm, as in finding a way to keep doing whatever it is that will cause the most resentment when you stop. As a VP at Google, Mayer grants employees the option to keep that one important personal part of their life, whether family dinner (say on Tuesday) or a child's soccer games. She advises you can't have everything, but you can have the one thing you need most, and still work startup hours.

Good advice

This is really simple but good advice! Granting one wish would make the difference in so many employees lives.

Dani M on entrepreneur.com

Eighty hours of work and a great family and social life is completely doable, if you work hard at both and have focus.

Jj on entrepreneur.com

I worked for Marissa on a project and didn't really feel crushed at all. I actually think she was one of the better managers I've had in SV.

joshu on news.ycombinator.com

You're kidding, right?

That's great but whatever happened to 'work-life balance'?

Girl_wonder1 on entrepreneur.com

Screw that. She's a psycho.

Libervative on businessinsider.com

Add this to the "Let them eat cake" file. The kind of stupid thing a 20 something techie who stumbled into a pot of gold would say.

Steve in Flyover on businessinsider.com

If you're working 130 hours a week, something is seriously, seriously wrong.

leftnode on news.ycombinator.com

This article makes me want to defenestrate myself and join the Socialist Party.

heretohelp on news.ycombinator.com

Easy for you to say

Google employee #20's share options would make 130 hours worth it. Not so sure you can expect/demand the same commitment from employee #20,000+.

Alex Avery on entrepreneur.com

Yeah! Because she MADE TENS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS and had countless people to order around.

Andrew Hall on businessinsider.com

Share with us how many hours a week you work normally, and your high-tide mark for hours.

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