SimCity Social shoots poison arrows at Zynga, Cityville

Unfortunately, SimCity fans not too pleased with Facebook version of their favorite city simulator

Electronic Arts (EA) has posted a promo video on its SimCityEA YouTube page touting its new SimCity Social game by taking a couple of potshots at Zynga and its CityVille game (and, one assumes, the whole Farmville-like series of games). It's not often that you see one company going after another so blatantly, so it's fun when they actually do.

While this is a funny video if you detest the Zynga games on Facebook and want something that's more interesting to play, the problem is that this game looks a lot like Cityville, Farmville and all of those other social game clones. The EA crew already has put out a social version of The Sims on Facebook, and I played that game for a while until, inevitably, it turned into every other game on Facebook - in order to do anything interesting or fun, you had to harass your friends into sending you stuff in order to complete the game's goals. After a while, that gets annoying.

Also, this video has appeared to annoy the legions of fans of the regular SimCity game - just view the comments area on the YouTube page for this video. While a new SimCity game is coming, it might not be enough to appease these rabid fans.

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