No more guns or ammo on Google Shopping

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Google Shopping has a new policy: "We do not allow the promotion or sales of weapons" and related items. But Google Search remains neutral.

Hyped by Infowar's Alex Jones, Google's new policy has upset gun fans. As they transition from a model with Product Listing Ads to Google Shopping, Google tightened policies and published a list of "prohibited categories" including vehicles, knives, tobacco products, gambling products, "digital goods" that require extra software to be purchased, and products bundled with service plans.

Google Shopping was not first to ban gun sales online – eBay has a similar policy, although they allow gun accessories. Opponents of Google's new policy have started an online petition. Since Google changed this policy based on their "strong culture and values," the argument has quickly veered into accusations of censorship.

Google now The Man

so there you have it . google ain’t gonna stand by the 1st OR 2nd constitutional amendments .

hammerhead on

Google’s secretly guarded algorithm assigns more weight to results that are pro establishment. Sites containing anti-establishment views are buried deeper in the results.

microguy on

Google and the NSA are partners. In fact Google executives often land their planes on the NSA airport nearby.

rxantos on

Values versus values

Wait a second… They’re promoting a “safe” environment, and they still carry exotic toys and condoms?

Master_Jon on

I will no longer use Google as they are taking a stand against guns and the freedoms of our Constitution.

Fairshake on

yea it is the internet but its just like any other store that doesn't sell firearms/ammo.

hmm on

Next step

So let's boycott Google.

Chris Ehlers on

Want to hurt Google? Buy Apple.

hancjamk on

As a shareholder, I will vote against the board members when election time comes around. Guns and ammunition are legal in the United States

bruce on

just did a search on Bing, and found TONS of ammo. Bing might be owned by commies, but at least they see the beauty of capitalism!

oldfatguy on

What would you like to see banned from Google Shopping?

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