What's left to say about RIM and BlackBerry?

Have you seen the Wikipedia page for the BlackBerry 10 OS? It's a great barometer.

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Microsoft had approached RIM in recent months to discuss a Windows 8 platform partnership, according to Reuters’ sources, but RIM’s leadership wanted to see BlackBerry 10 through to completion. RIM’s CEO shot down any remaining partnership ideas in Thursday’s conference call. Dan Frommer has it right in a ReadWriteWeb post: BlackBerry has back-end network services to sell, and they could help someone like Microsoft make its own hardware play. But they’re worth about $5 billion now, they’ll be worth less a few months from now. If they alienate their 80 million subscribers, especially among the governments and enterprise customers that are their lifeblood with an awkward upgrade/transition process, they’ll be worth nothing.

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