Pinterest passes Tumblr in the US

Pinterest now 16th most popular website, third most popular social media destination.

Thus says Pingdom in their traffic comparison between Pinterest and Tumblr across six sources, including a comScore report showing Pinterest volume jumped about 4,377 percent. The largest Pinterest populations are the United States first, followed by Canada. Tumblr has greater international support, and bests Pinterest globally.

Socially, Pinterest has become the hot network. Skewing heavily female (multiple startups are advertising themselves as a 'man's Pinterest'), Pinterest user's favorite magazine is Good Housekeeping. Get the Pinterest user details from this Mashable infographic.

Personal Pinterest

If Pinterest ever offers a little better communication interface, I'd use the site even more. I personally enjoy the site much better than FB or even Twitter at this point.

Jason Carr on

Pinterest is the most awsome meaningless hype I have ever seen.

DowCrowley on

I've grown tired of it all to be honest

Casper on

Business Pinterest

Still not much information about the geographic location of active Pinterest users. Quite important to some marketeers.

RobertPickstone on

Numbers presented here are impressive and US usually leads the trend which is replicated in other economies later. But how much of it translates into "real" business will be interesting to see.

Charan Puneet Singh on

Pinterest has become an interesting option for us to continue as part of our presence in social media world.

PortoBay on

Google should buy Pinterest.

Julian Hugh on

Insulting Pinterest

People use Pinterest?

DigitalJazz on

But the March Pinterest numbers, 18,7 million visitors, was published in a lot of different media 2 months ago. And already then, as your graph indicates, the Pinterest growth seemed to be leveling off.

Morten Myrstad on

Be honest – tell in a comment how often you go to Pinterest.

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