Time to be honest about tablet flaws?

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Handy, fun, and portable, yes, but people are starting to realize tablets aren't perfect.

Technology Review asks "Why Are We In Denial About The Flaws of Tablets?" Examples? Magazine apps combine "the worst features of print and online reading," pads held close aren't big screen TVs, and smartphones are getting better fast.

Huffington Post generated 595 comments on a story about user issues with the new iPad 3. Even more interesting, Edible Apple a year ago ran "Steve Jobs explains why Apple wasn't keen on tablet computing back in 2003," from an All Things D conference interview. So if you've been afraid to voice a tablet complaint, feel free now to join the chorus.

I'm honest

The biggest problem I have with tablets is the lack of a keyboard. I have this problem with my phone as well, but I compromise by not typing :-)

memito on technologyreview.com

People do not want to write on a tablet, But they do not want to type either. Speech to text trumps them both.

Michael Jahn on edibleapple.com

Trying to input data with one hand and support a device with the other is slow and causes fatigue.

Spicoli on technologyreview.com

iPad comments

The charge time vs battery life is a real issue.

Stuart P Farry on huffingtonpost.com

Tablets are very slippery. And they don't do well when dropped. You shouldn't have to buy an after market case just to hold onto the darn thing.

mboston1954 on technologyreview.com

The problem that I found on the new iPad 3, is the poor wifi range.

Lindsay Hassen on huffingtonpost.com

Got a Samsung Galaxy Note and haven't used my iPad since. And it comes with a mini SD card slot. Ta da!

Punky Bold on huffingtonpost.com

You're missing something

As for Magazine apps, I think you are forgetting a very important market: that of readers living in a country different from the one the magazine is published in.

svenegas on technologyreview.com

Just jumped into this post by accident. All I can say is: What a bunch of geeks! you are arguing over a freaking TABLET COMPUTER! Get a life.

Dashufeng on huffingtonpost.com

Do you have a gripe about tablets? Tell us below.

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