This video shows why I'll probably never work for Apple

Recruiting video shows off Apple campus, as well as young and attractive workers

This Apple recruiting video is making its way around the InterWeb. In it, we get to visit a bunch of the different parts of the Apple campus, as well as watch interviews with people who are very excited to be working at a company like Apple, because it's awesome.

It's a lot like all of the other videos from Apple, but instead of showing you how awesome and exciting their products are, this time we get to see a bit behind all of the people who are making the exciting and awesome products.

I know this is a recruiting video, and of course, they tend to focus their cameras at the really good and exciting people at the company - they're not going to interview Marge from Accounts Receivable sitting in her cube trying to get a vendor to pay their bill on time.

But a lot of this video, is, well, just too happy and peppy for me. And I like Apple's products (for the most part). Maybe it's because I'm also a Generation Xer who is cynical by nature, and not the type of person who would be recruited anyway (I don't think Apple is looking for top-notch IT journalists who write snarkily).

If you're not like me, and are one of the best-and-brightest and are young and attractive (and love Apple), does this recruiting video do it for you? Are you firing up the resume as we speak? Let me know.

[Via 9to5mac.]

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