Nokia teases a 3D map of Gotham City

Batman tie-in promotion offers 3D map of Bruce Wayne's hometown

Continuing the ever-growing mania of the July 20 release of "The Dark Knight Rises" (the third Christopher Nolan Batman movie, in case you've been on vacation this week), Nokia today released a teaser video for its 3D map of fictional city, Gotham City. Aaaaaaaaah! (He seemed to say).

Gotham, of course, has been created before - in the recent "Batman: Arkham City" video game, you can wander the streets of Gotham City after a big portion of it gets turned into a prison, and other video games have provided glimpses of the city before. But this one would mark the first time we get to see the Nolan-inspired version of the City, from these three films. Stay tuned to this Bat-Channel (I mean, blog) for more details if we catch any other video.

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