Kim Dotcom says Veep Joe Biden behind Megaupload shutdown

Credit: REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

Kim Dotcom accuses Vice President of ordering Megaupload attack to help his friend, former Senator Chris Dodd, who now heads the MPAA.

The story, a result of interviews of Kim Dotcom by TorrentFreak, include Dotcom's claim that White House visitor logs show Hollywood heavyweights attending White House meetings with Biden and Dodd. Included on the visitor list? Mike Ellis, "an extradition expert and former superintendent of the Hong Kong Police," who later met with New Zealand Minister of Justice Simon Power.

While people in Dotcom's position get paranoid and see conspiracies everywhere, Dodd's MPAA includes money spent lobbying VP Biden. A connection runs between Biden through Dodd to Dodd's former laywer Neil MacBride, now state attorney. Plus, history has shown the MPAA regularly provides information to start or support criminal investigations.

Conspiracies everywhere

Reminds me - vividly - of how when wikileaks published their material a private telephone call made by Joe Biden to Visa and Mastercard suddenly strangled the flow of money to that organization.

Scary_Devil_Monastery on

I expect the Obama/Biden election campaign got contributions from MPAA companies. Shutting down Megaupload was payback.

cabalamat on

Empeach Everybody!

Will on

The striking thing to me about the MU shutdown was the timing right after the defeat of SOPA. It was like the government wanted to teach "the people" a lesson for getting too uppity.

guelo on

Sigh. We definitely have the best politicians money can buy...

incongruity on

Desperately reaching

He can deny it because, so far, there is no actual evidence that suggests Mega was a topic of discussion during that meeting.

SomeAsian on

And??? Just what does he expect to do with such info if it is true?? A VP meeting with a senator... I'm sure that's never happened before...

Chris on

Spending money on lobbying essentially means paying a lobbyist to have a meeting with important people. It's not like they're handing over briefcases of money.

patdennis on

Black humor

Guess it's time for Kim to meet with an unfortunate accident...

Axxo on

next headline, "person knowen as dotcom was found floating in the east river tuseday morning..." and in other news.

BoomerSooner on

If evidence between Dodd and Biden looks bad for the case, what do you think the odds are that Kim Dotcom gets released on more "improper paperwork" type of excuses to keep the evidence out of the public record?

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