Amazon aiming at same-day delivery in battle with local retail

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Forced to pay sales tax to states, Amazon will now embrace a local presence with same-day delivery options. Will local retailers survive?

Agreeing to collect sales tax in Texas starting the first of this month (after getting a $269 million dollar invoice from the state), and dropping their appeal of a similar law in California signals a huge change of direction for Amazon. That new focus now appears to be fulfilling the headline on Slate: "I Want It Today."

Previously, warehouses were in low-cost states near high-cost states with large populations (Nevada to serve California). Now Amazon can put distribution centers in the middle of large metropolitan areas. Advanced warehouse technology has improved shipping the last few months, so get ready for day-to-door Amazon sales.

A whole new world

I actually think that Amazon may be agreeing to collect taxes because online shopping is the wave of the future, and local municipalities need that tax revenue to function. It's a way for them to say, we're not allowing people to find a way out of their tax obligations, so we're a legitimate member of communities across the nation.

BlueDotRedState on

I already consider "will I get out to a store in 2 days or should I just order and have it show up?"

Beerocker on

I always use the free shipping, and once i get a notice that my item shipped, it's always in my mailbox the next day, even if i get the notice at 7pm.

Ludwig VonRapekinder on

ive ordered shoes from zappos in the morning (amazon owns zappos) and had them arrive the same day. pretty crazy.

joshsisk on

We love local

There will always be things best bought in-person. Shoes, for instance. They have to fit -- I'm a dork and buy for functionality, not looks.

David H on

as good as Amazon is at customer service, even the booksellers at Barnes and Noble are going to be more knowledgeable about the actual books I'm buying

Sheryl on

No local love

Why should we encourage small businesses which often overcharge for goods, pay workers off-the-books, and under-report earnings to teh IRS?

paul on

I hate walmart and best buy with burning boiling passion. I'd be willing to sacrifice them for the convenience of Amazon.

Xavier Corral on

I would hate to see Amazon hurt my favored local retailers, but so much of shopping is such an awful experience that avoiding the stores would be a positive.

Sam Smith on

I will still use them for a lot of my purchases because I will NEVER set foot inside another damn Best Buy.

Rick Boyett on

How low would the "same-day-delivery" fee from Amazon have to be for you to use it without feeling guilty?

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