Watch all 6 Star Wars trailers in one spot

Star Wars YouTube channel posts original trailers for all six movies

Cool stuff here - if you were too young to remember when the original Star Wars films, check out the following videos - the Star Wars YouTube channel has posted trailers for all six of the Star Wars films - back in the '70s and '80s, movie trailers weren't as slickly produced as they are now, and of course, YouTube wasn't around back then to post trailers up to garner buzz (you had to actually see them in the movie theater).

Because I'm a Star Wars purist, I'm posting them in the order that I saw the movies (4 through 6, then 1 through 3):

The trailer for "The Empire Strikes Back", which most people feel is the best movie of the series:

The trailer for the third film, "Return of the Jedi", features our friends the Ewoks:

Skip ahead to 1999, we're now faced with the trailer for the prequels. Notice how the trailer has changed to tell more of a story. Here's Episode I:

Attack of the Clones:

The third (and final) film, in which we get to see the birth of Darth Vader:

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