British Airways to Google customers for 'friendlier' flights

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BA's "Know Me" program will use Google Images to ID passengers.

Hoping to send 4,500 "personal recognition messages" a day by the end of the year, according to The London Evening Standard, BA's new program is being called "creepy" in some quarters. Officials claim they will track passenger's previous flights, so the "crew are primed to apologise," if there was trouble on an earlier flight. Their goal? To recreate the "feeling of recognition you get in a favourite restaurant," but applied by thousands of staff to millions of customers.

Being recognized may not be a value to some. In the past, celebrity Kim Kardashian has accused British Airways staff of stealing items from her luggage. While the program may be aimed at higher profile customers, the lack of permission to research ticket buyers has rankled many.

Bad idea

Gives a different slant on "Don't you know who I am?"

freedom587333 on

You may be willing to let other people on this planet make irrational judgements to “protect” you, but I’ve not been asked nor would I consent

EzenceII on

Sorry, but this is just stupid. Stupid, stupid, stupid.. and creepy.

Todd Bloom on

Problems to come

Yuk! More and more of our privacy is being circumvented, and yet we risk arrest for taking a picture of a copper beating someone up.

anarchist666 on

it is more of a bigger picture thinking about whether we want companies to start with this kind of thing. where will it lead.

ispy on

"Oh, that's you from! Thought you might like to know that we've downgraded you to the last row of the coach class, yeah, the one that doesn't recline!

Anton Bar on

Informed consent

As usual people are too ignorant to understand that by appearing on the internet, they expose themselves to the public. There is no privacy on the net.

Anonymous on

See now if they could link this to Google Now, and my G+ profile, then that might not be such a bad thing – just put BA in a Circle and share what I want with them!

PrinterElf on

This is not creepy, they should know who I am, I bough a ticket thus we have a contract.

David Stratton on

Would you be happy or creeped out if the airline staff knew your personal details?

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