The truth behind Monday's planned FBI Internet blackout (according to conspiracy nuts)

Federal agency to shut down temporary DNS servers to combat DNSChanger malware

As many of you know, the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation on Monday plans to shut down temporary servers it created to help computer users whose machines are infected by the insidious DNSChanger Trojan, nasty malware used by Estonian hackers to steal personal information and millions of dollars from their victims. At least, that's what the FBI wants you to think, according to the more conspiracy-minded among us. (Also read: How many of us are being spied on through our laptops?) I trolled around the Internet a bit on Friday to see what dark theories existed about the FBI's decision to pull the plug on the temporary servers. Here are a few from people leaving comments on various sites: From

The FBI is destroying evidence to "stop the forthcoming truth from coming out" about why ACORN was shut down, former President Bush's involvement in gun-running operations, and former VP Dick Cheney's "secret desire to take over" military contracts, including building federal FEMA holding camps.

"It's being used as a front to infiltrate and covertly infringe on our rights and freedoms even more. When trying to put something over on someone, you have to have a plausible story to do so. That’s what this is."

"It would be an amazing coincidence if all of these users who lose their internet connection are the same one’s scheduled to get picked up first for Camp FEMA…"

From WorldNetDaily:

"Are you sure this is not a manufactured crisis on the part of the non-citizen, illegal alien terrorist in the White House to enable a trial run on shutting down the Internet in advance of the communications blackout he will order should be be re-elected?"

"If a government agency like the FBI can shut down portions of the Internet, what’s to stop it from shutting down all of it in an 'emergency'?"

From FreeRepublic:

"I believe that plans are ready for a violent communist take over if they believe they will lose power on Nov. 6."

From EUTimes:


"Immenent," indeed! But the most comprehensive and entertaining theory comes from a long post on The Illuminati Conspiracy Blog. A taste:

The FBI/NSA/(and possibly Mossad) set up the operation to infect the computers of persons they consider SUSPICIOUS PERSONS OF INTEREST. ...

If you were targeted by this virus, it was probably because you fit a certain ‘profile,’ such as writing certain things, registering on certain websites, communicating with people overseas, etc. I don’t think visiting Infowars alone would have made you a target.

[A] million carefully selected "suspicious" individuals have been targeted.

OK, can there really be a million "carefully selected" individuals? If I missed a good conspiracy theory, feel free to add it in the comments section below. See you around the FEMA camps, comrades.

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