Customer anger stops Cisco Linksys cloud-to-router admin switch

Credit: flickr/Daquella manera

Firmware updates to Linksys EA4500, EA 3500, and EA2700 home routers required subscription to Cisco's cloud service for management, and a new Terms of Service.

A June automatic update cycle forced users to the Cisco Connect Cloud to perform advanced management on their home routers, and included Terms of Service for the cloud platform with anti-piracy and anti-porn restrictions (Ars Techica). Customer outcry forced Cisco to change their policy, as noted in a blog post.

Included in the roll-back blog are apologies from Cisco VP Brett Wingo, saying the service "has never monitored customers' Internet usage, nor was it designed to do so," and promised an update to the TOS. From now on, Cisco promises firmware updates will offer an opt-in to their Cisco Connect Cloud, and users will be updated even if they refuse the Connect Cloud option.

Customer abuse

Wow! How to loose market share in one easy step. Note to self... strike Cisco from approved vendor list.

Max Headroom on

I'm so sick of public companies and government entities trying to worm their way into my private networks anyway they can! If I wanted them in, I would send them an invitation.

Lance Cole on

Both Cisco and Facebook seem to treat customers with disdain; Cisco changing it's firmware AND imposing conditions without giving a choice and Facebook, who just changes everything, exposes private data all without notification to users.

JaitcH on

I have the EA4500 myself and was caught off guard by the cloud configuration change, but it's not that big of a deal as long as the link is encrypted and it's shown that it's better than a local admin console. (I'm skeptical)

zk78751 on

Mr Joe Average has neither knowledge nor tools to know they're being intercepted for fun and profit. Cisco merely made the mistake of being too obvious about it, instead of doing it a la Sony whose rootkit took ages to be discovered

Fred Flintstone on

Management cracks

Stay away from my porn

negativ on

you HAVE to watch every hi-tech company like a hawk otherwise they will KILL you.

banjomike on

I wonder what genius came up with the TOS for that firmware update?

seraphimcaduto on


Cisco now has an internal definition of "Fiasco". Basically a bunch of Techies, Marketing dudes, and Lawyers each separately added their input to this joke, and now they are the punchline.

FrisbeeFreek on

They are not the first to try "all your base are belong to us" and I'm sure they will not be the last.

Tom 35 on

Is it fair for manufacturers to change Terms of Service inside an automatic update? Vote in a comment below.

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