Judge: Nobody could confuse those sucky-looking Galaxy tablets with an iPad!

Samsung gets favorable U.K. ruling in ongoing patent battle with Apple

There's certainly a school of thought that you should take every victory you get -- especially in the courtroom. But the rationale behind a legal decision by a U.K. judge in favor of Samsung in its infringement battle with Apple had to sting just a little bit. (Also see: Apple's helpful guidelines for competitors to avoid patent infringement) Here's Judge Colin Birss (via Bloomberg) explaining Monday why he believes the Galaxy tablets couldn't be confused with the iPad, as Apple alleges in a counter-claim to Samsung's lawsuit (which sought a ruling that the Galaxy tablets violated no patents):

The Galaxy tablets “do not have the same understated and extreme simplicity which is possessed by the Apple design,” Birss said. “They are not as cool.”

Victory is sweet, isn't it, Samsung? ... Samsung? This must be what it feels like for an actress to win an audition for the part of "the unattractive friend."

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