Schedule playtimes for iTunes playlists with Daypart

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Daypart, a desktop app that lets you schedule playtimes for your iTunes playlists, is the Ron Popeil of the Mac music universejust set it, and forget it.

This app operates in multiple windows. In the main window, you schedule when you want certain playlists to play. This includes regular playlists, smart playlists, and Genius playliststhe variety means you can also schedule when you want online radio stations to begin playing during the day. You choose the days and times you want the playlists to start; you have the option of choosing when iTunes should stop playing, as well. Either let the last song play to completion, or fade it out as its scheduled playing time ends. Playlists can also be set to shuffle mode.(Image Caption: A view of Daypart's three windows.)

Once youve created a schedule for your desired playlists (and you can create multiple schedules) you then open the second windowthe Daypart Playerload the schedule, and press the engage button. (And you can look at your schedules in the third window, a calendar view of your music schedule.) After that, you can walk away; your Mac will start the music at the proper times.

Daypart has some shortcomings. Its navigation isnt entirely intuitiveI had to watch an instructional video to understand that I needed to load the schedule into the Daypart Player. And if you to shut down the app for any reason, you have to reload Daypart Player upon re-launch.

Mostly, however, Daypart is an easy and effective way of playing the music you want when you want, all without too much hassle.

Joel Mathis is a writer in Philadelphia.

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