Microsoft launches Bing Fund as angel investment fund incubator

Credit: Flickr/César Rincón

Microsoft has launched the Bing Fund to invest in early-stage startups, and will offer advice, design, and development help.

Headed by Rahul Sood, VooDooPC founder, formerly over Microsoft's Xbox area, the Bing Fund will be an Angel Incubator based in Bellevue. The portfolio "includes startups working on the web, desktop, mobile and console," says Sood in the announcement.

Funded companies don't have to use Bing or even Microsoft products, although the fund would love to see tools like Windows Azure used as a supporting platform. It also helps if a company applying to the fund "already has momentum" as well as a working prototype and a solid business plan.

Bravo Bing

-1 "Bingcubator" +1 for helping startups.

facebook-2550863 on

here the appropriate aphorism must surely be : Nothing succeeds like success !...

mhenriday on

Thank you Bing & Microsoft! As a Co-Founder in an early stage Seattle based starup, this is very exciting!

Courtney Titus on

Very Nice! Hurl, LLC wants in!!!

Lawrence Johnson on


Microsoft will likely steal your ideas, and you will no-doubt be forced to sign things as a prerequisite to legally allow them to.

Eadon on

At the moment it doesn't look like it will be operating as separate operating entity. It doesn't show up in the WA corp secretary of state records as a registered entity doing business in WA.

guest on

Since when are loans helping? This seems like high risk investment loan sharking.

Randy Treibel on

Microsoft? Really?

How does a division whose own business acumen has led to more than $14 billion in losses plan to spot and fund the promising ideas of others?

guest on

What kind of advice? To implement "stack ranking" at the startups they're advising?

Jeff Rutherford on

Tell us honestly: if you have (or are thinking of) a startup, would you apply to the Bing Fund?

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