GitHub compiles $100M from VC Andreessen Horowitz

GitHub, the self-proclaimed "largest code host in the world," has changed from bootstrapping to venture-capital mode with funding from Andreessen Horowitz.

A Distributed Version Control System on steroids, GitHub now supports nearly 2 million people with over 3.1 million software code repositories. In their announcement, GitHub founder Tom Preston-Werner promised to use the funding to increase their 100 person team and add a focus on enterprise sales and international users.

Mobility matters as well, since GitHub just released an app to track projects from an Android phone. Expanded support for all operating systems is planned, as are improvements to the system. But many users are suspicious of the new VC slant.

Great for GitHub

Cool. Exciting. GitHub is doing amazing.

Bruce Bleikamp on

With 0 dollars, a couple of guys built something amazing. I can't wait to see what they can do with 100 million.

courtewing on

Is this a sellout?

That´s quite sad. They build a unique culture which is based on doing things differently and not having to answer to investors.

thomasberlin on

Cash is a tool. Disciplined companies CAN use cash intelligently.

webwright on

They've never been a capital-intensive business, so it doesn't make great sense to invest substantial sums. Its more likely to change the business to one focused on maximizing profit, rather than improve the product.

kylebrown on

They were very much profitable, and were likely able to dictate the terms of the deal. Also, the money came from one of the most, if not THE most, reputable and respected VC firms.

jammur on

I can't help but think that this investment marks the point in this investment cycle.

jbarham on

Git what?

It’s online code hosting through version control. GitHub uses Git primarily, whereas Launchpad used Bazaar.

exTeras on

You guys are way off calling this a little-known startup. Github is HUGE in the software developer community. Most of us in Silicon Valley expect these guys to be massively successful.

Mike Mayo on

Is the barrier to entry for competition the software to store code online, or the nearly 2 million users who collaborate using GitHub?

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