NeatCloud offers iOS-accessible cloud storage

The competition among cloud-storage services is getting more crowded this week: "Digital filing" company Neat on Tuesday unveiled NeatCloud, a business-focused storage service that includes an app for iPhone and iPad.

The Neat mobile app lets users take pictures of documents--like receipts--for upload to the NeatCloud service, where it is synced to and can be accessed from the mobile devices or desktop computer; NeatCloud also extracts pertinent information from the documents to make them searchable by keyword. (See the video below for a guide to the service.) And if you don't want to use your phone to scan a receipt, Neat also offers hardware and software for scanning and accessing documents at your Mac.

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In addition to its mobile features, users can also email documents directly to NeatCloud for storage and reference, and multiple users can share a single NeatCloud account for collaboration purposes.

NeatCloud is just the latest entry in the competitive cloud-storage market, with most of the services offering accompanying iOS apps. Dropbox is granddaddy of such services, along with stalwarts like and OfficeDrop--and they've been joined in the last year by Apple's own iCloud service, GoogleDrive, and Cubby. Doxie Go also offers NeatCloud-style scan-and-save services, while Evernote has similar scan-and-extract-pertinent-information skills.

Prospective users can try NeatCloud with a 30-day free trial; after that, subscriptions are $6 a month for a single user, ranging up to $25 a month for a "business" account that allows access by up to five different users. That purchases up to 50 GB of storage, with each additional gigabyte costing 50 cents a month. The Neat mobile app is compatible with any device running iOS 4.0 or later.

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