Is Nokia Lumia 900 dead phone walking?

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The phone to 'save Nokia' now half-price and unable to upgrade to Windows Phone 8 software. Nokia also announced 10,000 job cuts last month.

The quandry is clear in PCWorld's article "Nokia Lumia 900 Now $50: But Do You Want It?" A modern smart phone, well reviewed when it released in April, is now just $50 with a two year contract, versus an iPhone for $200. But current Windows Phone devices, including the Lumia 900, can't run the forthcoming Windows Phone 8 software. Version 7.8 (now at 7.5) will give the phone the look of Windows 8, but not the capabilities.

The upgrade to Windows Phone 7.8 will likely be the last update for the Lumia 900, and Microsoft warns that Windows Phone 8 apps will not run on earlier software versions. A Nokia spokesman told the Wall Street Journal the price reduction is "a normal strategy," but the price drop, software dead-end, and Nokia's headcount reduction make this seem like anything but business as usual.

I love my Nokia

The Lumia 900 has to be the best mobile phone I've ever owned. Voice quality is excellent, 4G LTE is fast, and Bluetooth has an excellent range.

David Pledger on

The phone is great, and the operating system is even better

Squatchmen on

I have a 900, it's the best phone Ive owned, can't say enough about it really, and for only $50, thats a great deal.

Dustin V on

I have one and think it's the best smart phone out there with all the apps I need (and I suspect the vast majority of users).

AnnePeltier on


Nokia's price cuts betray increasing desperation. They're believed to be burning over a billion dollars a quarter, while still trying to establish their range.. which is about to be rendered obsolete, by the upcoming Windows Phone 8.

Thomas Whitmore on

Nobody wants a phone that's already obsolete. And nobody wants a phone from a company that might not even survive the two-year length contract to provide warranty support for it.

symbolset on

A rubbish phone running a rubbish OS, that's got no future in 2012, is going to be a laughing stock by 2013, let alone 2014.

MarkG on

Life for Nokia

NOKIA , please dump MafiaSoft, get Droid, quickly.

Rick Baran on

Nokia and MSFT needs to step up to the plate on marketing. They really have not done a good job marketing the device or OS.

James Redfield on

If you're looking for a smartphone now, does saving $150 upfront for a Nokia make it more attractive than an iPhone or Android model? Why or why not?

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