Who's to blame for too few women in tech? Women

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Marissa Mayer becoming CEO of Yahoo notwithstanding, the technology business skews heavily toward men. Two people have ways to change that quickly.

Dave McClure, writing a guest post on TechCrunch called "Women in Tech: Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is," calls for women to get involved in startups. "In summary: STOP TALKING about what’s not working and start TAKING ACTION to create solutions — open up your checkbook, and write a check for your favorite startup." Get involved at an angel investor level for less money than a vacation, and change technology that way.

Caroline Drucker, at Incite NYC last fall, explains the issue in this video, "How to Get More Women in Tech in Under a Minute." Bottom line? Those women already in tech should stop calling themselves 'girls' and call themselves 'women' instead. As Drucker says, "If you menstruate and pay taxes, you're a woman." Drop those cutesy "girly geek" labels and become a grownup person in a grownup career.

Great advice

Ok Dave, let's go, show me where the tools are to learn to invest, and I will build a female angel empire in the next 2yrs. Put your experience where the money is and it's on.

Melissa Pierce on techcrunch.com

Walk the walk. Because the women already in tech are very good, their companies are much more stable and profitable than the companies men start.

ChrisNorstrom on news.ycombinator.com

this is a good talk on why not to use 'girl' to refer to an adult women, particularly those who work in technology.

christiekoehler on youtube.com

Stop whining

We as women need to stop complaining, and do something about it.

Christina Brodbeck on techcrunch.com

Call yourself a girl, woman, man, boy or whatever you like, the only way you'll get respect from engineers is by having a passion for making stuff and striving to be awesome at it.

bitplane on youtube.com

Stand up and speak. Don't try to soften the message with tired jokes and deflection. Just make your point. If people are angry, they're angry.

sopooneo on news.ycombinator.com

Tough road

It's this simple -- most girls are not raised to understand finance or investing. Most of the women I mentor are terrified of looking at their companies financials, yet they are brilliant in so many other areas.

Lili Balfour on techcrunch.com

when we see people treating others based not on the quality of their work but on superficial qualities like gender, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, or what-have-you we need to call them out on it. Loudly. Publicly. Repeatedly.

InclinedPlane on news.ycombinator.com

After 5 minutes of hearing this? woman speak, all I can think of is why hasn't she made me a sandwich yet?

mutez0r on youtube.com

What is the ratio of men to women in your company's technical areas?

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