NSA has a file on every US citizen , says retired NSA whistleblower William Binney

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During keynote at Hackers on Planet Earth (HOPE) conference, NSA whistleblower Binney revealed details of NSA surveillance and dossiers.

One of three ex-NSA employees so angered by privacy violations they now speak out, William Binney says the NSA has a file on every U.S. citizen. Even more, hundreds of millions of call log files are sent to the NSA every single day for tracking purposes. Network World has a short video interview with Binney in their story.

Earlier this month, NSA head General Keith Alexander said the NSA doesn't have the ability to spy on American emails (Techdirt.com, with video of his entire speech). General Alexander claimed hackers and malware attacks have been "the greatest transfers of wealth in history." And that's why the NSA needs more cybersecurity legislation that supersedes privacy rights.

Hello, Big Brother

Starting to look like Nazi Germany around here.

rawiron1 on networkworld.com


Anonymous Coward on techdirt.com

Our security infrastructure (theatre) is basically one large net pointed inward to spy on and target Americans, not foreign enemies. Why do they need to monitor us like an ant farm? What exactly is the agenda here?

Michael on techdirt.com

You can be sure that every form of electronic communication is in some form or another under surveillance by governments around the globe.

kitsune_ on news.ycombinator.com

Not so bad

There is so much information going through the computers at the NSA it doesn't matter. The info is almost never reviewed without warrant. I sort of hate it how people fail to grasp that concept.

Wally on techdirt.com

If it makes you feel any better, facebook has a similar level of information about you and they haven't done much harm with it.

hooande on news.ycombinator.com


Criminal governments of the world run amok as the ignorant masses indulge themselves in the reality TV show called Jersey Shore, or worse, presidential campaign coverage.

Stephon W. Smith on networkworld.com

The US attitude to privacy and civil rights have been becoming more like China's every year since 2001.

bobsy on news.ycombinator.com

The harsh truth is that the State is not your friend. People are truly living in a make-believe fairy tale land.

ilaksh on news.ycombinator.com

Vote now: is General Alexander right, and the NSA can't spy on us, or is William Binney right, and they monitor everything we do?

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