Most iPad owners use tablets for hard work, productivity -- oh, wait

New survey shows iPad owners use their devices for fun (save for an increasing number of killjoys)

Next time you see an iPad owner in a coffee shop, brow furrowed over their Apple tablet, weight of the world seemingly on their shoulders, don't be too concerned -- they're probably just having a bad round of Angry Birds. A new survey by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners shows that the top three activities among people who bought an iPad between December 2011 and last April are surfing the Internet (40%), entertainment (33%) and gaming (27%). But more iPad owners are using their tablets for serious endeavors. The No. 4 use of the iPad, based on more than 1,000 owners surveyed, is business at 13%. But! It turns out that iPad owners who bought the new version of the tablet (released less than four months ago) are less likely to be hurling red birds at thieving pigs. According to a research note from CIRP, 21% of people who purchased the latest iPad use it for business, a big jump over the 13% across all versions of the tablet. That's probably because enterprises are beginning to embrace Apple's iPad and iPhone for business use and network access. You'd think that iPad owners would be hitting social media hard, but they're not. Just 11% use the iPad to log onto social networks. Other activities reported by new owners of iPads include: email (9%), education (8%), reading books and magazines (8%), using apps (4%) and shopping (1%). Am I the only one surprised that shopping ranks so low?

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