Oracle publicly bashes CentOS Linux, offers free conversion script

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Oracle Linux and CentOS Linux are both Red Hat Enterprise Linux, but Oracle is pushing hard to convert people.

Laying the FUD by saying, "you don't want to risk another CentOS delay," for kernel updates, Oracle wants users to switch from CentOS. Unfortunately for Oracle, has a chart showing CentOS updates have been beating Oracle updates this year.

CentOS fans remain skeptical of the Oracle Linux free offering, and according to The Register, "Don't trust Ellison, won't pay support." They point out Oracle introduced Unbreakable Linux in 2006, and has only about 7,000 customers. Many CentOS Linux users remain heavily skeptical about Oracle's intentions with the switch.

Don't trust Oracle, period

Re: The simple script It also installs a new shared object. /usr/lib/

Anonymous Coward on

asking 3 times to run a script as root makes me 3 times suspicious...

pepe on

With the more than usual history of Oracle changing whats free to something OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive without giving a f**k, I don't think I would EVER consider something coming from Oracle for a Linux distro.

Edgard Castro on

They are already disliked in the open source community. This is not helping their case. I am not sure what they are going for. This sets them up again as a giant corporation attack the little guy.

rdtsc on

Support questions

It's very difficult to try and run a commercial Linux infrastructure these days without running something or other from Oracle (e.g. MySQL, Java etc.), but I can guarantee that if I ever fancied commercial Linux support, Oracle are the last people I'd go to.

wheelybird on

Can't tell you how many time government and military refused to pay less for our product running on CentOS and instead wanted to pay lots more for a Redhat license so they can have support. Nevermind that once setup they only have to do yum update to get the latest security patches and not much else.

rdtsc on

what really does OEL offer? We've found their "unbreakable" kernel to cause problems, such as not finding network interfaces.

James P on

If Red Hat is so upset about Oracle Linux, bad enough to obfuscate code for patches, why don't they just offer RHEL for free with paid support?

Seems like a missed opportunity for RH.

fsckin on

CentOS fans

Exactly. CentOS is the absolute dogs danglies and all for the excellent price of free!

We run CentOS for dev, staging and production servers and it's rock solid. I'm unashamedly a CentOS fanboi.

Code Monkey on

Oracle with all their paid staff got 6.3 out 8 days faster than CentOS. But every other update since January, CentOS was faster than Oracle. Just Sayin'

Johnny Hughes on

Do you use Oracle Linux? Are you glad you switched?

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