Microsoft monitors SkyDrive contents and will cancel your accounts

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Private folder content gets Dutch user banned from all things Microsoft; still blocked after two months.

This warning about Microsoft actively monitoring account contents comes from WMPoweruser, a Windows phone community site. Since Microsoft is weaving cloud storage into Windows Phone software, and even Windows 8, users need to be careful about what they store where. reports the Dutch user, WingsOfFury, has not revealed what was in the private folder that triggered the lockout. The End User License Agreement (EULA) of Microsoft's SkyDrive does include a long list of restrictions. Evidently, even private folders are monitored, which certainly surprised WingsOfFury. His reaction? Open another SkyDrive account under another name, so he could use his phone again, but don't store anything there.


Microsoft has real people that verify offensive content before taking action. This is first hand knowledge gained via employment.

Morpheus Phreak on

my SkyDrive was still active for several days after I uploaded the offending content. perhaps, they do spot-checking?

Rorrr on

To be honest, I think these clauses are broadly worded so they can suspend anyone's account and come up with a justification after the fact.

einhverfr on


To companies contemplating moving some or all of their IT infrastructure onto Azure be warned.

TheDiggler on

well I'd say they are gonna have a huge problem on their hands then when people with Windows 8 tablets treat it like an extension of their personal hard drive.

the person on

The warning should not be "watch what you store on SkyDrive", the warning should be "stay the hell away from Microsoft".

nickmb on

That would imply that MS is unique here -- they're not. Apple's TOS for iCloud * says it scans content and may revoke service if it finds content it deems "objectionable," "obscene" or "in poor taste" (that last one cracks me up ;) ).

curveship on

Having followed a bunch of these types of stories on some other sites (webhostingtalk), 9 out of 10 times the "victim" is holding back so much details from the actual story that they might as well be lying.

powertower on

Cloud concerns

This tells me this whole cloud thing is not ready for prime time... one thing is imposing storage limit, another entirely is to impose content.

sanshiro on

How does Microsoft know what I'm storing in a private directory? Creepy level: 110%

Auguste on

Should cloud providers of any kind be allowed to search private directories? Yes or no in a comment, please.

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