NSA wants hacker help and more control to 'secure' Internet

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National Security Agency leader General Keith Alexander said at Def Con the NSA needs more control over the Internet structure. And he's hiring hackers.

Alexander also described the Internet as "at great risk from exploitation, disruption, and destruction," says Technology Review. 17 U.S. defense companies are working with the NSA already to send security alarms directly to the NSA.

Making the pitch "NSA wants to hire hackers" (CNN), Alexander told the standing-room-only audience, "We need great talent." He cited the role of DARPA in creating the Internet, and how the government now wants to keep it secure, with hacker help. One heckler yelled, "then stop arresting us."

Absolutely not

standard Right thinking government authoritarian crap ("Respect my authorita !!! as Cartman would say") when they fear something.

tg 456789 on technologyreview.com

Anyone who goes to work for the government, ESPECIALLY an agency that violates our right to privacy daily, is a traitor to the American people. If my child ever grew up to work for the NSA, I would disown him.

CandiceBrays on cnn.com

Don't trust the SOB's.

bmpress on technologyreview.com

Not persuaded

NSA and CIA are no longer needed in an open, transparent, and free society. Their secrecy does more harm than good to society.

humanssssss on cnet.com

I don't want to hear any crap about how NSA control of the Internet would be 'good' for us. The General is a military jock who wants the military to control the internet for the military's purposes. He obviously thinks the American people are foolish enough to believe his drivel.

ruggedgeolife on technologyreview.com

The NSA already has hackers and illegal operations all over the United States. They are in your local phone switches and monitoring your internet usage every day. Don't go over to the dark side Luke,

Keith on cnn.com


You know the NSA are desperate to recruit when they turn up at Defcon and start Pring.

n3td3v on cnet.com

I'm reminded of the frog and the scorpion.

Tom Young on cnn.com

Hiring requirements with the CIA isn't so bad. They offered me a job!

Cookie Baker on cnn.com

What's your take? Do you applaud General Alexander for making a pitch at Def Con, or do think his appeal for more Internet control is the beginning of the end?

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