Patent ruling kicks Kodak while it's down in suit against Apple, RIM

Credit: flickr/dualdflipflop

Ruling upholds earlier judge's decision saying Apple and RIM did not violate Kodak patents.

Bankrupt Kodak sued Apple and RIM over multiple patents, including a method for previewing digital images used in the QuickTake 100 developed jointly by Apple and Kodak (CNN). Countersuits, as usual, were filed, and the case disappeared into the court system.

An earlier ruling stating Kodak's patents were not violated was upheld Friday by the ITC (International Trade Commission). Kodak says an appeal is forthcoming, but this will likely dramatically reduce the value of the Kodak patents being offered for auction next month.

Stupid Kodak

I believe this judgment is reflective on Kodak's attorneys. This should have been slam dunk.

James Richard on

They failed to capitalize on digital anything until it was way too late.

Jason Kirschner on

The overriding issue isn't the validity of Kodak's patents in 2012. It's an issue of Kodak's management choosing not to effectively exploit its image capture and image processing intellectual property in the 1990's and positioning its early digital products only as an adjunct to the company's dominance in film and film processing.

Robert Paul Leitao on

And it also might be mentioned that the first digital camera I bought for a trip to Europe was a Kodak. It died within the first year.

Mark S2002 on

Take a hint

It's time for Kodak to go away and let more competent companies take over the rest of the market.

Auril4 on

Typical result of a mismanaged company thrashing around trying to save itself by legal sleight-of-hand.


Sad business

It is common in companies that the innovative services and products are hamstrung by legacy behavior. It is somewhat sad that Kodak executed great digital research and inventions (e.g. OLED) but could not bring them to market.

Jack Marse on

It’s not possible to revive a company by such means. Selling patents is something done exclusively in a company’s death throes.

cd0 on

The value of their so called multi -billion patent asset is diminishing by the day,if they get $100m for the lot i would be stunned.

Barrie Harrop on

How long has it been since you used any Kodak product?

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