Clueful iPhone privacy app from Bitdefender told app secrets, booted from Apple App Store

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Clueful, an app to help users monitor other apps approach to privacy issues, has been booted from Apple's App Store with little explanation.

As detailed in a short post by Bitdefender, Apple approved their Clueful app under the same rules they are now using as an excuse to boot the app from the App Store. Why? Evidence points to Clueful doing it's job, and revealing the sad state of privacy in iPhone apps.

After analysing 60,000 iOS apps, Clueful found that 42.5 percent do not encrypt personal user data, even when sending that data over public Wi-Fi. Over 41 percent track location, and one in five apps can read, copy, and transmit the entire contents of your Address Book.

Protecting users from themselves

...and 95% of iPhone users are too clueless to give an iCrap

Gordon Delgado on

Sounds like Apple doesn't want people knowing about how much information is being taken from their phones... too bad it sounds like a great app.

kingjames105 on

Too bad really if they were actually looking out for the consumer.

mstone on

Chatty apps

Could this explain why I started getting more spam since buying my iPad?

Webmaster Good on

"The less you know about what we know about you, the better for us." Sincerely, Apple

darrenleno on

Sandbox fail. Remove app showcasing failure

Just_Me on

Modern business

All tech monoliths are not concerned about protecting you from Big Brother. They are only concerned about protecting you from a Big Brother who is not them.

Jacques Cousteau on

Apple is just doing this as an desperate attempt to hide what everyone already knows - they care less about our privacy.

MarcosWerewolf on

And so when iOS 6 rolls out with increased privacy controls and requires user permission when an app attempts to access to contacts, calendar, etc. (making this removed app obsolete), the pundits will whine that the pop-up dialogs are a major annoyance.

markbyrn on

Would you like to know what iPhone apps are reading your personal data and sending that information somewhere? Too bad, unless you grabbed Clueful before Apple kicked them out of the App Store.

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