Geek King Wil Wheaton is now Over 40

Actor narrates Mars mission video as part of post-birthday activities

I've never met Wil Wheaton, but as someone who has watched Star Trek: The Next Generation and The Big Bang Theory, I feel that I can comment on things that he does. Because this is on the Internet, where billions of blog posts and posters are basically doing the same thing.


Anyway, Mr. Wheaton turned 40 years old yesterday, at least if you believe his Wikipedia entry or IMDB profile. Normally I'd let this milestone pass without a mention, but today (40 years plus one day), a video narrated by Wheaton appeared in my inbox, courtesy of the interbartolo YouTube channel, a quasi-official NASA video channel. The video is discussing next week's landing on Mars of the Curiosity rover, and Wheaton does a good job describing the "7 Minutes of Hell" that the spacecraft and rover will go through without any communications with the people back on Earth.

Anyway, Happy Birthday, Wil (can I call you Wil?), and many more to come. Feel free to subscribe to his own YouTube channel if you want to see him talk about more geeky stuff. And feel free to feel old if you just remember Wheaton as Wesley Crusher or "that kid from Stand By Me".

UPDATE: It turns out that William Shatner also did a similar video for NASA, in which he appears to be reading a lot more than Wheaton does. Wil Wheaton for the win!

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