Does anyone else want to punch the "Apple Genius" guy in the face?

New Mac ads are only 95% annoying

If you watched any part of NBC's coverage of the Olympics over the weekend, chances are you've seen at least one of the three new ads from Apple touting its Mac computers and the "Apple Genius."


In the ads, a very youngish-looking Apple genius has "adventures" with seemingly normal people who need his assistance in some way.

For example, in this first ad, the genius is summoned during a plane trip, not to land the plane or other such dire event, but rather to help a guy finish up his anniversary video in iMovie.

In the next clip, the genius is waiting on line (it looks like he's at a food truck and not waiting in line for the iPhone 5), when another guy comes up to him and says "hey, I bought a computer that's just like a Mac" (and hilarity ensues when it's discovered that he hasn't).

In the final clip, Genius boy is asleep (he's sleeping in his Genius T-shirt and necklace, like all Apple geniuses apparently do), when a "new dad" (who looks like he's 45) knocks on his door and asks him about photo books and other such nonsense.

There's a lot to dislike in these ads - the genius guy himself tries his best to be exacerbated by the crazy people around him, but he comes off as being sort of annoying (some would say just like some Apple geniuses they've encountered). While I want to punch the genius in the face, I also want to punch the people in the ads just as much. These people come off as so stupid that you want to just yell at them - "You don't even deserve a Mac if you can't figure out how to edit a video clip in iMovie!" (Seriously, iMovie is that easy).

I think a lot of the anger that comes across in these ads is that they're such a departure from previous Apple and Mac advertising. Gone are the "Mac vs. PC" days - and even the touchy-feely iPad and iPhone ads (even the ones with celebrities) show you great things you can do with the systems. These ads make you feel angry - at the genius guy, at the stupid people talking with him, even the stupid bystanders.

Or it could be that I'm just angry at all of the commercials that I have to watch during the Olympics.

Of course, I'm not the only one annoyed by the Apple "geniuses" - The Big Bang Theory does so on a regular basis.

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