Twitter makes $ 'cashtag' official for stock symbols

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New cashtag clickable stock symbols debut on Twitter, but StockTwits cries foul since they've been doing that already.

Announced via the corporate Twitter account, says TechCrunch, Twitter now has officially recognized what StockTwits have been doing for some time – making stock information inside tweets more usable. In Twitter's example, clicking on $GE will trigger search results on the company and the stock (at least on

Howard Lindzon, CEO of StockTwits, says, "I am disappointed of course that Twitter is hijacking our idea," but no response has been forthcoming from Twitter on the similarities to their cashtag and the work of StockTwits. And as of this morning, the cashtag functionality has not be rolled out to all accounts.

Oh, Twitter

A billion dollars in funding and you still have to rip off other peoples ideas?

remindmeagain1 on

What no 'cent' tags on Twitter? They can come in handy for discussions regarding Yahoo, RIM, AOL, Blockbuster etc etc. Example: ¢RIMM is not doing very well :(

iLL_Knowledge on

Weird. Not related to their core service and actual tweets like @ and #. When I saw the title, I expected $ tags would be biddable, for an AdWord equivalent on Twitter. Tweetwords? This makes so less sense to me.

Jonas N on


The fact that pretty much every developer i know (including myself) has zero interest in building apps against Twitter anymore prooves that they've screwed the pooch.

Dean Collins on

The $ hashtag has been in use for several years on Twitter. It's about time someone made it clickable.

Galley on

StockTwits does all the things that Twitter really is in no position to do-- moderate chatter, minimize pump and dump of penny stocks (ST only allows certain tickers in their ecosystem) and create tools that IR dept's are beginning to understand to have real convos with retail and institutional investors.

Neil Steinberg on


This is lame.

Michael Arrington on

!yeah, that's an awesome idea. (exclamation point at the beginning to show sarcasm, no special font needed if we're making up new stuff)

Robert Mahon on

Now Kei$ha’s name is going to look even weirder

WesleyShark on

Will this make you use Twitter more, or avoid it?

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