Steve Blank tells why not lying on resumes works best

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Retired entrepreneur and Stanford professor Steve Blank writes about a recruiter suggesting he "make up" a college degree to get a plum job.

Blank writes on his blog how tempted he was to fake the degree, because he really wanted the job and the recruiter said the company, Convergent Technologies, was big on degrees. Instead he listed his Mensa membership, gotten at the urging of his older sister. It worked. He got the job, and to this day, has never listed education on his resume, letting work experience carry the freight.

After Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson's degree fudging came to light, DealBook examined padded resumes, listing several others besides Thompson who have been caught. Thompson did have a degree in accounting, but not also in computer science as he claimed. In this article, hedge fund Third Point was using Thompson's padding as a reason to fire him as CEO, which happened soon thereafter.

Who needs college?

I applaud your choices. You don’t know how many folks I know who are brilliant without college educations who slide along quietly, not mentioning it.

Christina on

You will be shocked to see majority IT professionals from other countries have fake resumes.

Yakesh Khanna on

The real reason I didn't finish college is that it didn't make mathematical sense. It costs a lot, delays your career and doesn't deliver sufficient value to cover these costs. I think that situation has gotten a lot worse.

nirvana on

Honesty for the win

I love it! It is always best to be truthful. One lie leads to another until the truth catches up with you.

Joyce on

If I were a stockholder of Yahoo, I would be more concerned that Ms Hart's degree is from a tier 3 university at best, than whether or not it was "Business Admnistration" or "Marketing and Economics".

Ed on

a Computer Science education certainly improves your chance of getting past the hiring bar.

strlen on

Interestingly out of the dozens of people I have worked closely with over the past decade the best workers have been the self taught (degree or no degree).

ditoa on

Mistakes were made

the coverup is always worse than the crime. Once you lose credibility, it’s gone.

onemorepalletBill Cunningham on

One must ask, how on earth did Mr. Scott Thompson's credential deception not come to light when vetting him for the CEO job?

Leland Wykoff on

Programmers: do you have a college degree? If you were starting over, would you get one?

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