Apple continues celebrity ads with Martin Scorcese

Famed director shuffles his busy schedule with Siri

Apple has published the fourth commercial in its celebrity ad series with the iPhone 4S (and the Siri personal assistant). This time, we get famed director Martin Scorcese sitting in a New York City cab talking with Siri and reshuffling his schedule, finding out where "Rick" currently is, and then checking the traffic.

The ad is certainly more light-hearted and amusing than the John Malkovich one (Seriously, I was worried about Siri in those), but it falls in line with the entire series - for fans who enjoy watching celebrities interact with products, it's a cute ad. Still, there's something interesting about an older man talking to a machine in the back of a cab that screams "creepy old guy!" to me - they probably cut out the scene where another cab pulls up alongside and you see a view of the guy just jabbering to nobody.

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