Apple’s iOS 6 removes password prompts for free apps

Hurray! Apple is ditching the password requirement for downloading free apps with the release of iOS 6, according to numerous reports.

Apple is making it easier to get apps from the App Store with iOS 6 by removing the need to enter your password for every app you download to your device, according to numerous online reports. If all youre doing is downloading an app update, a free app, or an app you previously deleted, Apple reportedly will not ask for your password in its next update to its' mobile OS for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. Instead, you will only have to enter your password for paid apps. The change was first publicized by a Reddit user with access to the latest beta version of iOS 6 released to developers.

The decision to eliminate constant password checking appears to be part of Apples plan to streamline App Store purchasing on an iPhone, according to Macrumors. In addition to the password changes, downloading an app using iOS 6 will happen in the background. So instead of kicking you back to the home screen where you can watch the app install, you can stay in the App Store and continue to browse, Macrumors says.

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Assuming Apple doesnt pull these changes before the official launch of iOS 6, the news is likely to make iPhone owners happy. Entering your password can feel cumbersome when all you want to do is download a free app or process the 65 updates youve got sitting on your phone. Apple will reportedly still require password authorization before you can buy anything, but for most users thats likely a welcome annoyance since it can prevent unwanted charges on your credit card.

Competing platforms such as Android and Windows Phone let you download apps, including paid apps, without a password check.

IOS 6 is due out in the fall featuring a new Maps app, Facebook integration, improvements to the Siri digital personal assistant, and a new iCloud-based photo sharing feature.

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