Lenovo ThinkCentre M92P review: small system, small price

The Lenovo ThinkCentre M92P Tiny comes in a tiny package and sips minimal energy, but suffers from an unresolved identity crisis.

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Lenovo has done its best to ensure that this little system can stay on as long as you want it to, with proper cooling and energy efficiency. Lenovo's ICE (Intelligent Cooling Engine) feature keeps the system cool by monitoring key components in real time and providing optimum power to the fans at the right time. The M92P is also Energy Star 5.2 Certified, meaning that the machine is about as green as it can be.

Among the other ports that Lenovo included with the system are DisplayPort, VGA, gigabit ethernet, and the basic headphone/microphone jack. Unfortunately the M92P is not Wi-Fi ready out of the box, so you'll have to tack on at least $20 more for a PCI Wi-Fi adapter. I was surprised at the lack of HDMI and stereo ports to support easy hookup to an HDTV. The machine's size would make it appealing as a media streamer, but needed ports just aren't there.

The ThinkCentre M92P vastly improves on Lenovo's most recent previous compact entry, the IdeaCentre Q180 ($399 as of April 9, 2012). That machine managed a puny score of 38 on WorldBench 7, likely because of its Intel Atom D2700 processor. If you're looking for big power in a reasonably small package, however, consider the Origin Chronos ($1399 as of April 2, 2012), which received a 204 on WorldBench 7 (104 percent faster than our reference system).

The ThinkCentre M92P offers impressive processor power in a tiny package, but it lacks the support of other powerful components. It's caught between aspiring to be a full-fledged desktop and trying to be a high-quality media machine. Unfortunately, the lack of a Blu-ray drive, HDMI, stereo output, and especially Wi-Fi handicaps it in pursuing the latter goal. Charging a bit more money and equipping it to deliver on a specific function would have enabled the system to mkr a stronger argument for itself in the compact market. Still, its appeal to business users is undeniable.

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