Scientists aim to create gas from electricity

Research uses microbes to create 'clean' methane

OK, about a third of the way through this video I got lost, but if you're really into science stuff that seems cool, check out this video. Stanford University has posted an interview with Alfred Spormann, a professor of chemical engineering and of civil and environmental engineering at Stanford, discussing a project where they are using microbes that can turn electrical energy into pure methane.

An article explains a bit more:

"Researchers at both campuses are raising colonies of microorganisms, called methanogens, which have the remarkable ability to turn electrical energy into pure methane – the key ingredient in natural gas. The scientists' goal is to create large microbial factories that will transform clean electricity from solar, wind or nuclear power into renewable methane fuel and other valuable chemical compounds for industry."

The best part? Scientists from Pennsylvania State University are also assisting in this project, and we all know that it could help to have some good news coming out of that school.

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