Super Mario video made with 7,000 Post-It Notes

Because really, what else are you going to do with Post-It Notes?

The makers of this video - "FinalCutKing" - have realized something - making an animation involving Mario the plumber equals viral video gold. They also must have had a lot of Post-It Notes lying around, because they needed 7,000 of them to make their video. Umm, yeah, it's awesome.

I did some very quick calculations, and 7,000 Post-It Notes would cost you about $120 (if they ordered in bulk it's possible they got a discount), but of course the amount of time to create the video would likely cost a bit more. But that's less expensive than I thought. Also, I hope they recycled the notes after they used them. Or even better, tried to put all of the notes back onto the pad.

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