French firm steals the Anonymous logo and slogan to sell t-shirts. Oops.

Credit: flick/zigazou76

Early Flicker, a French online store of various t-shirts, clothing, handbags, and more, is already putting the Anonymous headless man logo on products.

Not surprisingly, Anonymous has posted a YouTube video threatening retaliation. Opinions vary, with many feeling perhaps E-Flicker believes the trademark filing and resulting attention from Anonymous' attacks against them will boost their business.

Since one tenet of Anonymous as a group is their fight against intellectual property law, some believe this filing could be another legal wedge to use against Anonymous. If so, the lawyers will have their hands full with OpAnonTrademark, launched by Anonymous.

Real stupid

So, were they thinking something along the lines of "Oh look, a bee-hive. I think I'll stick my d**k in it"?

Herostratus on

E-Flicker: Hello is that the police? This is E-Flicker we've been hacked by Anonymous.....

Police: But aren't you Anonymous?

E-Flicker: Only when we want to make money from it, but not in this case

Police: So have you hacked yourself or not?

E-Flicker: While we are Anonymous we aren't technically Anonymous

Police: I think you'd better come down the station and hand yourself in

Larry Crapbeans on

Do they also like to kick bears and poke wasp nests with sticks? Maybe they just bought a load of insurance.

Tom 35 on

Stupid thing to do...

...but funny as all hell!

Mike Moyle on


Anonymous is infamous as the organization that doesn't have an organization. Who would show up in court to say that there was trademark infringement? Who would file the claim?

ema on

It also means that company could be held accountable for anything done under "their logo" or "their banner".

Anonymous Coward on

Scorched earth

Oh, that's funny. You think that Anonymous would resort to LITIGATION to deal with this? That company will be destroyed inside of a few months, and it will never see the inside of a courtroom.

Hypersapien on

Sure, they are anti-capitalism but they can also come off as anarchistic overlords that have created their own hipster brand of Big Brother, lest we meet their favor. The masks weren't their concept in the first place

JamesBee73 on

This is a brilliant idea and I wish I had thought of it. Anonymous is a bunch of idiotic children…

Dismissed on

How long do you think it will take for either E-Flicker to disappear, or this news to fade away?

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