What if The Hunger Games took place in a library?

Texas A&M University parodies movie with "The Research Games"

Getting college students to access research information in the university library must be a daunting task, so why not create some parody videos with people familiar with one of the biggest movies of the year?


That's what the folks at Texas A&M University did - they created a "Hunger Games" parody, aptly entitled "The Research Games", in which a bunch of students need to race and battle each other in order to find a copy of Sun Tzu's book, "The Art of War". The parody is much more enjoyable if you've either read the books or seen the movie.

Here's part 2, in which we discover whether Katniss can retrieve the elusive book:

Members of the library staff participated in the video, as well as the Texas A&M Judo Coach. The videos also link to the University Libraries site, which provides more information about the school's libraries and ways on finding more information.

Two favorite parts from the videos - one, that the library has a cafe called "Poor Yorick's"; second, a very funny Game of Thrones reference.

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