Apple stock dragged down slightly by mob mentality

Everyone expected an iPhone 5, so they punished the world's most profitable company for not delivering it.

Here’s a thing worth noting: Apple has actually been hurt by rumors and anticipation for one of its upcoming products.

As summarized in a Slashdot posting, Apple’s shares fell five percent yesterday, after their earnings failed to meet analysts’ expectations. Now, before you guffaw and chortle, that means that a company reported 8.82 billion dollars in profit, sold 26 million iPhones, but analysts were expecting iPhone-5-level numbers. But because so many people were perfectly wrong and ridiculously worked up about the timing of the iPhone 5, that just wasn’t enough. So Apple, famously immune to the “What hits you got lately?” syndrome, is getting a little taste of the Market for the Rest of Us.

In other rumor news ...

BlackBerry releasing a 4G LTE PlayBook tablet on July 31

  • Source:

  • Details: It’s like the none-too-successful PlayBook, but with a faster connection. Also: a 1024x600 screen, back and front-facing cameras, and 32 GB storage.

  • Likelihood: You almost feel bad for BlackBerry maker RIM that this is probably true. That a low-resolution, iPad-sized tablet is due to arrive later this month, right as the Nexus 7 is pushing an entirely new 7-inch, high-speed market forward.

  • Get excited?: No.

iPod nano, touch due for upgrades this fall

  • Source: Analyst reports, neatly rounded up by iSource

  • Details: The iPod nano gets a rectangular form factor with a home button, if reports are true--like an iPhone smooshed from the sides. The touch model could sport many of the same internals as the iPhone 4S (including Siri?), but with a “buffed aluminum” back that might also be what arrives on the new iPhone.

  • Likelihood: The touch does, generally, update around the time of a new iPhone, and often picks up the second-best guts that Apple has available. The nano rumor is a bit odd, though, and somewhere around 40-50 percent.

  • Get excited?: The nano redesign is the most exciting, but it’s also the most unlikely. We shall see.

Motorola DROID RAZR HD passes FCC, due soon

  • Source: AndroidGuys

  • Details: Motorola’s next phone in their (apparently ALL-CAPS) slim phone line looks like it’s sporting 4G LTE, NFC, a dual-core processor, and a 13 megapixel rear camera (remember: megapixels are not quality). Also, dual CDMA/GSM antennas, for global use.

  • Likelihood: Pretty high, given the diagrams--85 percent.

  • Get excited?: All depends on whether this baby is running Android 4.1, Jelly Bean. I pretty much refuse to get excited about new phones running older versions of Android, given the big leap in reliability and interface.

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